Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Mother

My mother and I have never spent much time on the phone together. We are both fans of writing and have always exchanged letters. Anytime that I ever called she would always hurry to get off the line, probably wanting to save money. She enjoys calls now and so I've been talking to her a few times a week, especially since she's had some setbacks. It's really hard to converse since she doesn't recall what has happened that day. Thankfully, she remembers my son, that we live in New England, what season it is and she truly enjoys hearing my voice. I try to get her to reminisce a little but she focuses on what she can't remember and then I'm sorry that I made her more aware of it. Oh well, I'll try to collect some little stories to tell her before I phone next time and keep the conversation going a little longer.

Not a word about program in this post but a little sharing instead.

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  1. I did that with my Grandmother before she passed away. I would make a mental list of things to talk about so that I could stay on the phone with her longer. She lived over a thousand miles away from me when she got sick and the medication kept her in and out of reality, but it always helped when I could direct the conversation for her.