Tuesday, May 19, 2009

God's Will

A program friend and I were laughing one night on the way home from a meeting. We agreed that we pray for God's Will but that we would like that it not to entail any embarrassment, financial difficulty, disfigurement . . . well you get the point. We did not want to move or change jobs either. Not exactly a picture of surrender. At least we could recognize it and laugh at ourselves.

Personally, my history is to turn my will into God's Will. I have not always been able to tell the difference and I still am suspicious of my motives when I'm moved to do something out of the ordinary.

I have a tendency to leave things behind when they get difficult but there have been times when I stayed beyond the need to do so. What is TOO long or NOT long enough? Am I back to my co-dependent issue of needing approval when I do something? There is that issue of comparing myself to others. I will never get the reassurance I need outside of a relationship with my higher power.

What's good about today is that when my head gets too busy I know it is time to surrender my best thinking.


  1. great post topic - I too find that at time i question what my higher powers will is for me...

  2. I get so wrapped up in my head sometimes and then I just yell at myself to stop. Sometimes I'm more exhausted by the conversation in my head than anything else.