Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Brain Surrenders For a Minute

I'm struggling to come up with something to blog about, got the books out that we read from this am. Thought about how to introduce the idea, what to segue, started off with a quote that hit me, seemed an awkward start, aware of 'gettin' er done' (Larry the Cable Guy) mentality setting in on me.

Whew. Shake off the effort.

Honesty. Life is good. My healing prowls softly on little cat feet. I hug it to me, unwilling to shape it into a story or give it words for a blog. Walked my first labyrinth today. Got to the center of it. A feeling sunk into me, made my knees sway a little. No thoughts/stories. It all proceeds, minute by minute, in waves, not straight lines.


  1. I'm sure glad your brain got better...quickly!

    Hey, isn't it amazing how good things turn out when we just let God be in charge? Sometimes I also can eperience that.

    Thanks for writing something...we got to know how each other is doing, even if it's THHHHHTTT!

  2. Wonderful way to describe inventorying myself. Getting to my labyrinth. Thanks for sharing that.