Friday, May 15, 2009


Not just any Friday. Junior Prom Friday for my son and his sweetie. I went over to her house to do the photo op scene. Such a coming of age tableau, I teared up once. The sun was out, temps in the 70's, tough on those in polyester and tuxes and polyester tuxes! Not for long, they will be in a climate controlled limo/function hall for the rest of the day.

And I, the sweaty mother, am home blogging. Time to dig out the fans, put away the sweaters, see what shorts I've outgrown. It is good and I have the whole weekend to de-feather my nest, simplify my environ, turn it upside down and see what speaks to me. Good thing we weren't doing the pics at our house today, gritty floors and dust bunnies abound.

This week, my recovery is spelled with a small 'r'. Just biding my time, easing up, no big plans, watching my motives. Trolling. I am liking the phrase in someone's blog this week 'don't limit God'.

What's good about today is that the bad times don't last so long, run so deep or come so often.

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