Friday, July 24, 2009


This morning I was second in line on the round robin and I shared that what was important to me today is acceptance. By this, I mean that I practice accepting myself as I am. I do much better at accepting others than myself. Me, I always want to improve.

There is a sign in the corner of a window of a nearby art studio that says 'never apologize for your art'. That gives me a feeling of power just reading it. I may have to make an amends here and there but I need not apologize for who I am.

And that is what is good about today.


  1. It's hard not to replay days and wish that you would've said something different or done something different and then start to feel that you aren't who you want to be. But, I bet you're better today than you were a few years back, so face forward.

  2. Dear Madison, Thank you for understanding that. We are who we are. And that is that. It is not a big thing in the scope of it all.

  3. "Acceptance" of those BIG words in AA, like "Change", and "Honesty", Insanity, Death.

    Acceptance is the answer to much of what ails me. I pretty well accept today my good, my bad, and my ugly. And somewhere, if not outwardly, then inward, I possess all three.