Sunday, July 26, 2009

God, (Please) Grant Me the Serenity . . .

Someone was recently blogging about the paradox in the program and the steps. One that occurs to me this morning is that the more awareness and acceptance I have about myself, the more easily that I can let it (ego) go. So, I have to bring it close to release it.

If I can see my defects, great.

If I can see my defects as part of my liquid landscape, good to know about but not part of my hardwiring, greater.

If I can see the defects as part of a story acted out by ego, not the reality of my relationship with a higher power, better yet.


  1. Awareness is such a huge part of my recovery. Response comes right behind it.

  2. Pride. Ego. That's the problem here! Thanks, Carol. Happy Sunday (Sundae?) to you!

  3. God can get rid of those defects if I will let him.

  4. My greatest defects are Pride and Ego--these are the great-grandparents of all others. And I hate them...and all others. I'm glad I'm NOT suicidal amy more, because I'd now be gone.