Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday, Just Listening Today

Hello, you wonder-full recovering bloggy writers!

Am reading and commenting here and there. Nothing much to say, went to my meeting tonight, a joint one with Alanon/Alateen. Equal seats taken! Good topic, good meeting. There's not much to say when things are going well, is there?

Actually, it's not that things are going any certain way at all. Things are just things. I am the one at peace. Ready to go to bed soon. And most likely, I will be granted a new day.

What's good about today is that I am grateful for God's Tender Mercies, a line taken from a favorite movie, Tender Mercies.


  1. Recognizing gratitude is one of my greatest blessings.

  2. An old song is titled TENDERLY.
    "The evening breeze
    Caress the trees

    From that mental picture I can visualize God's Tender Mercies.

    Enjoy the tranquility, the gratitude, PEACE!

  3. Yes! Together we share this shining, yet humble moment of simple sanity, Sister ;-)


    Comfort Spiral

  4. I love it when there is NOTHING to say. It always means that things are well in my life.

  5. I like mercies, especially when they are tender.