Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunny Sunday

Not so tuckered today. I got myself out to the coast and sketched a little. Many people out and about already at 8 as it was beautiful. Is there anything better than a skiff of cool breeze on you? No, there is not, I'm answering for you.

Dialogued with my sister about my mother. God bless us all, it is not easy to be in anyone's shoes. I was firm, non-judgemental and compassionate (sez me!). Perhaps not well liked but I believe that I was those things and a little surprised that I could be consistent and calm.

Tomorrow is another day, I am grateful that I will have my higher power with me and I get another chance to practice my program in all my affairs.


  1. I am having to practice, practice, practice....especially prayer, faith, trust, reaching out for help and support in difficult times. Well, it works.