Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sweet Pea Speaks Again!

(inside joke, see 5th and 6th comment on last post)

Okay, back to business. Well, we are soggy in New England. From the fog that starts falling in early evening to the early morning drizzle to the afternoon thunderstorm. And then we do it all over again! I've got day lilies and daisies up to my shoulders fueled by all that water. Wise is the one who seizes any opportunity to mow the lawn while they can.

I'm starting to get used to it. Walking the dog last night in the cool night air I imagined that I was on vacation in a different land. Like foggy England, maybe. Or a really bad vacation in Maine.

We suppose that it is starting to affect our brains. Husband and wife bicker. Co-workers snapping at each other. Customers fret and move on, anxious to get home. Remarkably enough, the local annual sand sculpture (NH has 18 miles of seacoast) was mind blowingly wonderful. Turns out the showers are good for keeping the sand damp and packed together.

What's good about today is everything, in the final analysis if not the first impression. God is everything or God is nothing.


  1. Carol, you can have some of the heat from down here. In the 90's again today. I would like some cool fog for a change.

  2. I just love those words and their meanings: Pride and Ego--that must be what keeps New Englanders staying there for the winter --grin, (summer?). NOTE: Many of them DO live in Naples FL from November to May!!!)

    I see truckloads of it--Pride and Ego--online and in f2f meetings. I am first to recognize it. Why? Because I'm still full of that crap myself. Else how would I know? It doesn't smell, taste, make noise, and it has no 'feel'.

    But it DOES show itself to whoever can see. And even the blind see, some better than sighted peeps.

    I'm still new to the blogs, just one year. My understanding is this is NOT the place for me to become well, or to find God. I become well by working the steps. I find God, the Great Reality, deep down within me--and within all others--for, in the final analysis, that is the ONLY place He can be found. (BB, page 55).

    I love these blogs, I can be myself without intimidation. I can learn at my speed. I can live, laugh and love here--and I DO!--to my heart's content. I can publish, or reject. I'm "in charge" of my blog, so to speak.

    I get my AA from the Big Book's first 164 pages. I get my spiritual growth from wherever else I am led. I have adult supervision (I'm age 76) for all my questions about living life on life's terms. Usually, my adult supervisor will point me to a page in the Big Book--unless I first point him to a page. (He's only sober 31 years. I remember when I had only 33 years! private joke

    Grateful to the extreme, I express that in AA group activity, and one-on-one sponsorship. I talked with two sponsees today, one more later, he lives in Colorado on a mountain.

    This sure sounds like a lot of "I" to me, but in the beginning was Pride and Ego put out as my chief defects. And God and "I" are working on those--the timetable is really up to Him. I've written wayyyy to much for a 'comment'.

    Bottom line here, for me the blogs are NOT where I TELL peeps what they should do, or should not do (unless they ask, or unless I know them pretty well). OTOH, I can just about write whatever I feel is appropriate and respect others' rights to do that, also. I do NOT have to read certain blogs, and I do NOT have to publish certain comments--especially if they make the commentor sound like an asshole. You may choose to reject ME!

    Peace and Love, Carol.

  3. Thanks for the word-picture. Lovely.
    I like your style!

    Comfort Spiral

  4. I am PROUD to have 'published' (never rejected!) the LONGEST COMMENT ON RECORD by none other than our own Steveroni. Long may he live and blog.

  5. Well, you seem "sweet" to me anyway. LOL.


    Danny S - RLRA