Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Just Sayin' . . . Trust God

I feel tremendously alone despite my belief in a higher power. I am trying to trust that I am in the midst of a process that I do not understand.

What's good about today is that I woke up realizing that I need to have a CoDA co-sponsor. And that by a purely God happening (my favorite CoDA person but she never calls) I had a message from her when I got home today. And if I haven't scared her off (oooh, I'm so powerful!) with my msg to her then I have a deepening relationship with someone strong in program. Glory Be.


  1. Ya know Carol. I felt alone for so many years (even when sober) and wondered why--with my "great" belief -grin! in my higher Power.

    But I did not know Who or where God was. For now, I'm believeing God is in people--even me, even you!--and so in order to not be alone, guess what? ......... And that is where I find my Higher Power as well!

    Don't know if that made any sense at all, but I hadda say it for me. OK?

  2. Sometimes no matter how deep my relationship with God is, I feel alone.

    If I turn to Him and other program people for help, it usually passes quickly.

    I'm praying for you,

  3. To You All,

    Yes, thank you, I agree with you all. New awarenesses bring new pain, I guess, growing pains. Today, I am thankful for knowing when I need help and asking for it.

  4. I get that feeling all the time...sometimes it motivates me...and sometimes it shuts me down..I'm in shut down mode this weekend...but I am grateful that I know that perhaps that is just God's way of recharging me.....quiet time...and I need to accept that..Acceptance is the answer to all my problems today...even the ones I have with myself.

    I would think sponsership in CoDa would be complicated so its probably good to tread carefully.