Monday, July 6, 2009

More Simple

Acting like a tourist today. Sat on a park bench at the river to write my mom and thought about how simple things please me the most. To the marrow. Is that why vacations work, they simplify life? Get away from the details, come back with a fresh mind. Is it the layers and layers of details at work that bog us down. Three components are all that's needed, I'm wondering, here's some of mine.

duck (paddling), river, sky

house, greenery, stonework

eat, sleep, pray (the book)

eat, sleep, pee (the newborn)

eat, sleep, play (the cocker spaniel)

think, type, post

night, light, body (me)

enter, sit, listen (meeting)

Anybody got any?


  1. Ready, set, go!

    happy monday!

  2. wind, trees, rain

    woof, meow, pet

    water, plants, green

    relax, soft, sleep

    laugh, smile, hug

    Loved this!

  3. a gentle breeze on my skin, brightly colored flowers in my vision, the scent of honeysuckle


  4. Gentle breeze on skin rates high with me, too.