Monday, July 13, 2009

Heard In A Meeting . . .

An acronym for denial is 'didn't even 'no I always lied'. How is that? Can we try that on for size, I'm still thinking about it. I don't think I lied so much as I was fighting myself out of a coat closet, confused about what to do with the life I'd been given. I still don't know but I'm less interested in the question. On I go, with others, a step at a time.

What's good about today is what I've been taught . . . stay in the moment, trust God and give thanks.


  1. "Didn't even no I always lied" means to me that I lied to myself so I didn't know the false from the true....landed me in a world of denial.

    I too am grateful that I can stay in the moment, trust God, and give thanks.


  2. "I lied when even the truth would have sufficed"

    ...and that's the TRUTH!

  3. The lies that my husband has told me as a result of this disease used to be the most difficult things for me to deal with. Then I realized that he was doing anything and everything to protect himself from having to admit that he was an alcoholic. I think the acronym is perfect because I honestly don't think he realizes how much he does it.

  4. Good heard in a meeting quote. I think that lying becomes a way to avoid...well...the truth. It was a way to tell people what I thought they wanted to hear rather than what I wanted to say.

  5. I have never heard that acronym before - but you can be sure I wont ever forget it. It is a keeper.

    Have a lovely Day!