Saturday, July 18, 2009

I Trust Those Who Are Trustworthy, one of the Promises of CoDA

An emotional day courtesy of my CoDA meeting after the meeting. Got in touch with how badly I want to be in dialogue with my sister. I'm exhausted, read all my fave blogs but didn't post any comments, too tired to come out with sentences. My sister are playing phone tag. If we finally talk today I will have to really watch my mouth because I am THAT tired.

So, what is good about today is that I got up and did most of what I planned, am grateful for some extra gifts I received and feel content.


  1. If you are content at the end of a day, there must be a whole slew of things which are...OK!

  2. I love your attitude of gratitude.

    I know about being tired. Best to be careful at those times.. get some rest too.

  3. Carol, as you stated, at least you got up and did what you planned on for the most part.

  4. That does indeed sound like a good day...I hope I can things done today. If not...there's always tomorrow. *grin