Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer Reading Picks

I was browsing at the library and picked a couple books off the 'High School Summer Reading' shelf. Both are memoirs, the first is called Without A Map, written by a local woman who went to college in her 40's and is now a Maine college professor. Her story centers around her pregnancy in 1965 at age 16 and the ostracising she endured from her family, church and community. She was forced to give up the baby but I won't give away the ending. She had an adventurous life and part of the appeal, for me, is that I'm familiar with the school, beach and backdrop of her story. No recovery or addiction aspect but a wonderful story of surmounting emotional deprivation.

The second book is a wonderful story of recovery called A Piece of Cake by Cupcake Brown. Also a memoir, it was written by a woman who is now an attorney in LA who writes about getting sober and the tools of recovery that got her there. She's only 30ish now so it feels very fresh and contemporary.

My would be sponsor and I continue to play phone tag. I feel better today (of course) but am not content to let this go, I need to push myself into that scary territory of asking for a commitment of help. We've had a conversation about this before and I know that she is more comfortable with co-sponsorship and that is fine.


  1. If you ask and get it over with maybe you can breathe easier.

  2. I have to look those books up. They sound really good.

  3. Where do you peeps find time to go 'librarying'? ...And then reading a book AFTER? Is that what they refer to as BALANCE? Maybe I should try it!

  4. Thanks for the reviews. They sound good.


  5. Carol, thanks for visiting my blog darlin'.
    PS: The sky will be blue..cuz everything looks better in blue. :)