Friday, June 5, 2009

Claiming My Seat

Yes, I am a co-dependent. Yes, I turn it over to a higher power.

Tomorrow I will be at my Saturday morning meeting, my home meeting. In the seat that was saved for me. I will surrender my best thinking and I will listen to others who are traveling the same highway. Together, my gentle companions and I will speak our truths and hear our higher power speak through others. We will refresh ourselves, dust ourselves off and re-enter our worlds, strengthened by our common purpose.

We need never feel alone again.


  1. SO WELL said! Now just DO that. You are getting into it, girl.

    Trust God.
    Clean House.
    Help others!

    Ya can't go too far wrong doing those things. Im really glad you are going to be able to make your Saturday morning meeting. So am I.
    Talk to ya later!

  2. .......that is how I feel about my Saturday 9:30 am meeting. You said it so perfectly.. thank you.

  3. Amen to that! Have a good weekend Carol!