Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Power of 'More'

(The astonomy photos show me the works of power and creation that make me happy to know they exist, the accompanying explanations, I will never understand!)

One thing I have in common with professed addicts is that I want more. All the time. It is a part of my (all human's?) wiring that I leap from enjoying the present to wanting more. Examples include wanting ANOTHER good car deal for myself now that my son has one, wanting ANOTHER day of the weekend even though my thoughts can crave the orderliness & ego gratification of being at work and yes . . . this morning I was watching a sparrow picking his way along the fringe of grass by the fence. I was enjoying this zen moment of nature and THEN I looked around to see what MORE I could see.

More. More. More. Awareness, acceptness and then action. I'm aware of it but can I accept it?

I bet I can. A minute or a day at a time. And that is what is good about today.


  1. Ya know, someone wisely mentioned to me: IF I experience a moment (or an hour, whatever) of acceptance e.g., I must try to remember the circumstances of how I felt, what I did, and what exactly happened.

    The, at a later time, I can recall those same happenings, circumstances, feelings, and actions and create, so to speak, the same environment, and so experience that same ACCEPTANCE as before. That's called PRACTICE!

  2. This post was beautiful.. Acceptance is a powerful concept.

  3. Acceptance is a good thing. I think that you'll be able to handle wanting more of the good stuff that is filling your life. Who doesn't want that?

  4. Aloha Carol:
    Thank you for your beautiful comment at my blog! Very nice meeting you, make yourself welcome in da spiral ANYTIME, sistah!