Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Thanks

Dance I did.

My heart is full with appreciation of the abundance in life. Dillard would call it the fecundity of nature ("God is a maniac"), the fact that there are always new people to meet (and look for God in their faces). Think if our female bodies carried only a couple eggs and the counterpart for men. We could hardly populate the villages necessary for our lives (I need carpenters and farmers and people in meetings and teachers and writers and sailors in my world, just as a partial list).

What if plants only produced a flower or two, and if the rain dashed them to the ground, well, we'd have to wait until next year to see one. I have a spray of feverfew blooms that I chose from a hundred, easily 70 daisy type flowers from three stems. Nature is crazy abundant.

Last night, my friend and I were checking out a nice pair of trousers that someone was wearing. She was teasing, saying, oh well-they wouldn't fit me, she guessed they were a 36 waist and a 34" leg. Her work background is a convent and a clinic that serves the poor. I kidded her back, saying that I didn't remember her having a retail background. She said, 'I don't but I help size up clothing for homeless men'.

That tears me up again.

What's good about today is that I'm right where I need to be, hearing what I need to hear. And I hear an awful lot of it on your blogs. Thank you God for your abundance.


  1. SAILORS? Sailors, Carol? Hmmmmm!

    The end of your post teared me up a little also--this is my day for that...but mostly they are happy drops of salt water, so grateful for God's gifts to all of us.

  2. Regarding sailors. I was thinking of Syd.

  3. Abundance of nature, abundance of love, abundance of the idea of abundance!!!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog and sharing your six words with me.

    Prayer Girl

  4. Well, so was I...

    No, I'm just kidding! Just had to have the last word, ya know????

  5. Carol, your friend is really special, doing God's work. You are special too in what you write. Thanks for that.

  6. Steve, Yeah I know (tag, you're it!).