Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Maniac

It's time for me to give the Annie Dillard book back, she finished Pilgrim at Tinker Creek with some philosophizing about life and death . . . "your needs are all met. But not as the world giveth. You see the needs of your own spirit met when ever you have asked, and you have learned that the outrageous guarantee holds. You see the creatures die, and you know you will die. And one day it occurs to you that you must not need life. Obviously. And then you're gone. You have finally understood that you're dealing with a maniac."

An excellent blogger who speaketh with good program is I, Agnostic on my blog list. I find her very spiritual but don't tell her that I said that!


  1. Thanks for the shout out on her blog. I just went there.

  2. Several AA members in my meetings claim they do not believe in "a God", and a couple others claim maybe there "ain't no such thing"...and funny thing, in each one of these peeps, I see spiritual strength emerging. Frome their depths, as they share, you can 'hear' the inner workings of their souls.

    Thank you Carol, for your own interesting observation, which sparked my own thought.

  3. That is absolutely one of my *all time* favorite books. I hope you liked it. :)