Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Good Morning

God's will, self will, where's there's a will there's a way=I gave myself the day off work. It makes me nervous so I've been doing the things that work for me

1)went to my favorite 7am meeting
2)cooked like an Italian, breakfasted on farfalle w/roasted peppers, asparagus, capers-you get the idea
3)favorite CD playing
4)the dog suggested sitting on the deck so he can watch me read a little Lawrence Block
5)trust God and watch for miracles


  1. MMMMMM...sounds like a delicious day.

  2. Sounds liek a perfect morning, actually a very yummy one too. Big hug across the pond

  3. Watch for miracles? Or watch OUT for miracles?
    Either one--I love the outcome(s)!!!

    And you're OK, too, Carol!

  4. Aloha Carol;
    LOVE your blog! So glad you found mine.
    In my blog archives are many posts that I feel you'd enjoy reading. And I intend to explore your word-glad too.
    Lost my Dad last week after a long illness, so I'm kinda shell-shocked. But moving forward with gratitude and hope. Resting when I need to, not poking myself with any "sticks."
    I love New Hampshire!! Went to Franconia college, even ;-). Was a great building and views - not there the last time I visited...and the Old Man?....Tumbled down....alas. Enjoy the northern kingdom for me sometime, eh......

  5. Aloha! Yes, the Old Man tumbled, there was talk of sort of plastering him back together but Acceptance reigned. I envy you in Hawaii, I've never heard of anyone visiting there who did not love it.

  6. Hiya Carol!!

    Wow. Smart dog! And so considerate, too. Mine just say "Yo, mama. Feed us. Play. " lol

    I am a rabid Lawrence Block fan. Just finished reading All the Flowers Are Dying. Love love love that man.

    Isn't it just felicious to be able to take care of ourselves?

    Have a grand day up in NH...


  7. Roasted peppers, asparagus, etc. - sounds wonderful.

    Enjoy every moment of your day off. In my life, God always delivers His miracles in the most unexpected time, place, and way.

    Prayers from me to you,
    Prayer Girl

  8. Thanks for all of your good wishes!

  9. Someone's blog mentioned Lawrence Block and I have devoured what my library has of his mysteries. Even the hit men ones. I get nervous staying out of work one day but I can read about funny (in a Coen brothers way)hit men.