Saturday, June 20, 2009

Does the Black Fly Say Thank You?

More examples of abundance and the cycle of life this morning.

There is a family farm nearby where you can pick strawberries. I went there this morning to pick enough to make jam. The same reptilian thoughts go through my mind every year I get to the field, too many people here, there won't be enough for me-me-me. Look at that picker, she moved rows, she's coming into my space, what if I'm in her space, if she tells me to move-what will I say, will the owners get involved, oh shame shame!

And instead, I find abundance. Nature is fecund. Many, many berries under every leaf cluster. Ruby red beauties nestled on straw beds placed by other humans working together. That satisfying snap as a ready berry leaves its cap behind. Thank you, thank you Mrs Plant. Your offspring are coming home with me. Then a black fly takes a bite out of my shoulder.

I eat. He eats.

I ease my car out of the field and acknowledge a mother and her toddler. Over her shoulder I see the tiny cemetery next door.

My son is hanging out at a friend's house today where his older sister will be married. 'I think I'll stick around for that', he says.

I can't make this stuff up if I sat down and tried. Nor could I plan it. What's good about today is that I can notice it and share it with you.


  1. Ah, Carol...

    It's true, isn't it? I watch the bugs scurry around my garden and know that I have enough...they can have some too. I garden organically and don't use any kind of sprays, until I have to mix up the old garlic,onion, dish soap and cayenne to spray on them. Leaves a bad taste in their little

    I am constantly amazed by the cycles of life I see here in my little piece of heaven. Ever aware that life is precious and fragile, and abundance and prosperity is everywhere in nature.

    Great post.


  2. Splendid post! I love the free association of it and the pictures it paints. We get so much clarity when we are able to stand out of the way. Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a lovely grateful and serene post..

  4. I don't like those flies but every one has to eat. There is something great about picking from the garden.

  5. How nice being out there picking strawberries.. how cool............and I love the fly getting to eat too. (life.. wonderful at times)

  6. Carol, please keep noticing...and keep sharing. Thanks

  7. We used to go to a blueberry farm when I was younger and we would pick tons and tons of blueberries. I love those farms. I remember when I was little I didn't really appreciate it, but now the memories of running through those bushes with my little bucket are priceless. Thanks for this post. It brought back some great comforting memories.