Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Friday

What stood out for me in this morning's meeting was the phrase 'a psychic change' that must take place. When I was forced to surrender my best thinking, when I realized that nothing that I knew helped me and that my best bet was to go to a meeting to create a small peaceful time of relief, that was my psychic change. That was my steps one through three in a nutshell. It was my gift of desperation and the beginning of a new way of life that felt like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

It is not about 'being good'. A year ago I read someones profile who lives with active disease and she made the statement that she 'tries to be good' and my heart broke for her and my eyes still fill up at the thought. As Melody Beattie states in today's reading, "Life doesn't have to be hard".

It is about letting life happen, taking care of that soft animal body within us and nurturing an open mind and an open heart. What's good about today is that I can let go of the struggle and know that I am right where I should be in a life of abundance. Blessed Be.


  1. Surrender and acceptance help me stay in the day. Carol this was a beautiful post. have a good weekend!

  2. This was beautiful. I am reading today the 12 Steps/12 Tradition book again. I, too am learning that I have a LIFE of ABUNDANCE. I rather concentrate more on the good now.

    Thanks for visiting my blog today... my 13 year old son is an Aquarius too like you and your 17 year old son. I like what you wrote about boys appreciating these things. Congratulations on your son finishing another year of school. Nice the 2 of you celebrated.

  3. Carol--NICE post! On mine today I quoted the Big Book, "We absolutely insist on enjoying life"...

  4. Allowing life to unfold is one of the greatest promises not contained in the book. It is a beautifully serene way to live. Thanks for the post

  5. I like the idea of just being. Sometimes that means I'm making mistakes and other times I'm not. Good and bad are judging words. Only God can judge.