Tuesday, June 9, 2009

God is Everything . . .

or God is Nothing.

I get that.

I tried a new meeting tonight, a hybrid AA/Alanon Big Book Study. Too much talk, too much yak, too much ego, too many words, too much doctrine.

I was at a Buddhism talk a while back. They were explaining that there is the dharma with a little 'd' and then there is the Dharma with the big 'D'. The dharma that is not capitalized is the teaching and the sensibility that is conveyed by teachers. The Dharma is that which is beyond it's name in power and scope, that which has no name or imitation. Both valuable but not to be confused with each other.

God is Everything. What's good about today is that this easily intimidated, co-dependent can discern what works for her!


  1. Good for you.. not every course is the right one for us even in RECOVERY.. it is a good sign of emotionally improving in my own humble opinion.

  2. doctrine blows it for me every time...

  3. The scent of lovely growth is very strong here today! aloha my fellow traveler on the path, aloha from Waikiki

  4. I love being validated! And I love to hear how nice it is in tropical climes even though my furnace came on this morning in frosty old NH. Not whining, just fact.

  5. And that is half the battle - figuring out what works.

  6. I can't stand platitudes and the tone that people spout them with.

    Glad you are finding a path towards peace that makes sense to you. That's the point.

  7. I ever did like 'hybrid' meetings, like even AA/OA. I mean, one is always going to rule over the other. Each time i went to a 'hybrid' it was
    by accident. I'd NEVER choose one of them there thangs.

    Hi, Carol!
    Bye, carol