Monday, June 15, 2009

Went to the morning mtg today and felt that I was in the midst of old friends even though my tenure there is only a year and a half. I've done more with some of their members than I ever have with my own Alanon compadres. There is an honesty and humanity in that room that cuts away the baloney that separates us.

'Just for today' (I'm riffing off an Alanon bookmark) I stayed calm in the face of confusion, gave encouragement instead of looked for it, reminded myself to treat myself well, noticed when I was getting ahead of myself and reined it back in and BRIEFLY saw the grace in everyone I met today. Not only did I trust God but I also trusted and accepted myself for where I am at.

What's good about today is that I can get off my own back.


  1. I have that on my refrigerator. Love it.

    Glad you are seeing THE GOOD.

  2. Hi Carol,
    First - Actually my GPS gal isn't Flex or Flexis - Flexis is hubby's term of endearment for that fabulous voice.

    I haven't decided on a name yet. We'll see!!!

    Second - Getting off your own back and in my case, getting off my own is a wonderful idea.

    Prayer Girl

  3. Some times there is enough on my back, that I could be 'the straw that breaks' it....

    Glad to hear your "up" words!

  4. I have the Just for Today bookmark. It's good to do one of these each day.