Monday, June 1, 2009

Reflected Light

A little while ago I was walking Sony, my cocker spaniel, and complimenting him on his very waggy tail which made it wag all the faster. I looked up and ahead of us against the trees was a milky, golden light that was cast on the highest green leaves. Turning around, I expected to see the source but the sun was lower than the tree line.

The show was ahead of me.


  1. Tomorrow's Blog: THE FLYING SAUCERS! Brought to you from Waaaaaay Out in Space? -grin!

    Glad to see you becoming a 'regular', believe me! I'm a regular reader, Carol.

    "It is good that we are here." OK?

  2. Hello Carol. I saw you had dropped by my blog so thoguht I would come over and say hello. I like what you write and will come by some more. Take care

  3. I'm with Syd. Beautiful. I can see it in my mind's eye.