Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Lot of Bloggin' Going On

Lordy, I think everyone I follow had something to write about today, even Gospoduchi. What do you all think, is it better to blog first or read and then blog? It's a poll, if you are reading this please cast your vote.

(I think I'm better off blogging first because I can lose my focus pretty quick.) Anyway, I feel really perky today. Even though I wasn't a fan of last night's meeting, it got me out of the house and I made a couple of stops along the way. I think that I've said it before but my sponsor told me once to 'get out of the house' when I start to get depressed. It really works. I have to tell myself in caps though, GET OUT OF THE HOUSE, as if it was on fire.

Tomorrow will be a big day OUT OF THE HOUSE. Starting it with an open AA meeting before work and then in the evening go out to Arlington, MA with the girls to a women's comedy benefit which should be a hoot. So, my spirits are up. I have my own car, a new pair of sandals and big plans for tomorrow, what more could a human want?

Okay, okay, world peace and enough food for everyone. And everyone keeps their physical and emotional sobriety. Have I left anything out?


  1. thank you so much for commenting on my blog. now I'm gonna have to check you out. smiles :)

  2. Depends on how much writing I am doing - I tend to read when I can find the time and post first thing in the morning. My posting is the product of about two days work - piecing everything together.

    On the days I don't post - I am all over the place reading!

  3. "Okay, okay, world peace and enough food for everyone. And everyone keeps their physical and emotional sobriety. Have I left anything out?"

    Yes..............................L.O.V.E. I'm smiling as I wrote that, because maybe love covers everything else pretty good?

  4. That is so true. When I feel down the instant I step out of my house I start to feel better. By the way, I read then blog, but sometimes I blog then read. It just depends when the mood strikes me to blog. Lately I have been reading in the morning and blogging in the afternoon. Whatever works.

  5. Gospoduchi!! Is that me? Thanks for being there this morning Carol..I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to talk. Talk about dichotomies! That meeting never fails to run the gamut of emotions and life experience. It's a real blessing..that sometimes feels like a curse:)

    I think I like to blog that I can ensure its me...but if uninspired I'm sure to find it in this community.

  6. I sometimes read a few blogs and then post or sometimes post first if I really have something that's on my mind. It is therapeutic writing I guess. Enjoy your day.

  7. Yeah, the love thing, spoken like a happily married man!