Monday, June 29, 2009

I Get To Choose

Just read a blog, not on my list, but one of 'my favorites'. I like to keep them on my favorites for awhile before I upgrade them to my blog list. Regarding this particular one, I've read enough!

More and more, I'm realizing my power to choose what I want to surround myself. Drama has no place at my table. Not in the form of people or TV or blogs. There is so much heavy duty good in the world to give my attention to that I no longer give my energy to stories that reek of selfishness and sabotage.

I don't judge them, to live is to grow and I bless them on their path. But I get to choose what I like and leave the rest and the more healthy choices I make, the more abundant is my relationship with the world.

What's good about today is that I get to choose what I love and what loves me back.


  1. I've learned to say no and to stay away from toxic people. I'm better off that way. I guess toxic blogs would be in the same category.

  2. I know what you mean. The freedom to make GOOD choices for me is amazing.

  3. Well, I gotta say this, Carol. I quickly glanced over to your blogroll, just to see if I made the cut. WHEW! "Mom, I'm on the team!"

    My next thought was that possibly you had not yet the time to purge your list.

    Then came my first SANE thought, which was, "Carol, I'm so glad we 'met' here, and I'm really glad to know ya, girl."

  4. Thanks for this great lesson!
    Hope my blog makes your "cut." ;-)


    Comfort Spiral