Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Ramblings

I think it is a time for me to read and see what's been said in the last couple days. I feel like I haven't been to enough meetings lately. I say that because I feel overwhelmed by everyday things.

I'm a little unnerved because a person who I would call a friend in recovery has picked up and is 'out there'. I met her in the am open AA mtg which I used to go to daily. A few months back a mtg member killed herself. By rites (what does that mean?) I could resume the daily mtg now that I don't have to be at work so early but it does invite in pain as well as healing.

Damned disease.


  1. I'm with ya, damned disease! I'm so sorry about the experiences you've been having lately. It would be hard for anyone to deal with, but especially when there is a bond connecting you to them. Hang on! Tomorrows a new day - and I betcha there's a meeting waiting for you tomorrow. :-)

  2. Hang in there, Great Soul Sistah!!!!
    Aloha to YOU-

  3. Carol, you are needed at that meeting. Others suffered also at the passing of their friend who killed herself. They need you, as well as you need them. Remember? It's a "WE" program.

  4. you must be talking about K....yes? This is one of the hardest thing..getting close to our fellows...becoming shipmates and then we find someone who has jumped ship or perhaps drowned. It's easy to say...arm's length and I am guilty of that too. But its oh so much more rewarding to be a part of, even when its painful. You know what they say about pain....the touchstone of spiritual growth. For each other.