Sunday, June 14, 2009

Good Morning

I was cruising the on-line version of the NY Times this morning and it occurs to me that I read anything that hints at the human experience. That is what I'm after, a glimpse of what other peoples lives are like. That is also what I require in meetings as well (and blogs?), a look at other peoples insides.

A major congrats to Mary Christine for a very personal view of her insides. I was pained at one point. Didn't want her to be the only naked one in the room. Ready to tell my own installation of 'years in the program' and invite others to do so as well. It seems that she is on solid ground now in year 11 and my worry is eased.

What's good about today is that I can look at my motivation when I get the urge to act quickly. Happy Blessed Sunday. (Someone in a mtg yesterday thought that I'd been raised by nuns--Jesus Christ!, I thought--No, I answered, Raised by Canadians.)


  1. Glad I visited here! I also like the "human experience" stories. I'm reading a fiction novel, "Cost", but the universal feelings when first confronted by the seriousness of a loved ones alcohol/drug problem are amazing.

  2. Love your daily "Astronomy". I get the same picture daily on my "Home Page" Refdesk. If you use frefdesk let me know. If you do not...GO THERE! that's an ORDER! You may find a whole other world there, not "Conference-Approved Literature" of course. But it has not been UNapproved by AA Conference, either!!!

    I'll have to ask you how come there are no nuns in Canada? Dammmmit, if only you'd post an anonymous "E" address!

  3. Whew! Canadians are much preferred!

  4. (Me, the Double Dipper here!) BTW, those Canadians did a marvelous job raising you! Jus' sayin' -grin!

  5. Raised by nuns? Your response was priceless. It gave me a little chuckle. I'm with ya on congratulating Mary Christine. That was some fine reading. I know it had to be extremely difficult to relive and rehash some of that, but it sure was worth it!

  6. I much prefer hearing the real human experience to hearing someone trying to sound good.

    That trying to sound and look good used to be me when I didn't much like who I was. Today I am so grateful that I can be real, just be me.